HOW to Develop an Improvement Culture


This is a face to face course to get you started on your journey to building a Culture with improvement at its heart.

We can't change your culture, but we can help you to get started on the right path and improve your chances of success



Why is this important?

Opportunities for improvement are everywhere and you're people are your greatest asset in taking advantage. If you have 100 employees in a department, that's 100 brains that could be harnessed towards improvement.


Without engaging your people in 'Improvement', giving them the ability to identify first and then know what to do to take advantage, you're improvement efforts may be lacking

How is this Delivered?

We will take your people on a learning journey to help them understand what an Improvement culture could look like in the context of their world and how their Mindset is key to this.

We encourage Leaders to be involved and support conversations during the course around the role of Leadership in this type of change.

Improvement & where to start - creating understanding of what this means, the basic concepts of problems as opportunities and where to find these.

Demand, Measures & Flow - provide ways of understanding the work with a view to identifying some of the more common problems in service environments, in a way that is accessible for everyone.

Root Causes & Making Improvements - providing a level of understanding around root causes and how to reach them to enable people to find and implement better solutions that really stick.

We use simulations to make the learning Fun and Engaging and bring in real work scenario's to make what we do relatable.

All throughout the learning we are focussed on enabling action in the workplace and so we set objectives between course days that support the building of new Habits that relate to an improvement culture

Would you like to understand more

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