GK 5

How to lead and deliver Sustainable Change


Learn How with GK


This is a face to face course which will challenge your thinking around how you currently tackle change within your service organisation.


We’re building the understanding and skills required to bring about real change using our very own Get Knowledge methodology. If you want to be a Transformational Leader, then this course is for you


Why is this important?


All too often we see change teams struggling to make a real difference. We want to provide individuals who are tasked with driving change within their business with the thinking and skills to enable them to be the best they can be.


If businesses don’t improve the people, they are tasking with improving their business how can they expect to improve overall?


How is this delivered?


We will take your change teams on a journey to help them learn how to utilise improvement method in the context of their world.


A focus on a number of methods and thinking is our starting point and we look at how the past can help us learn in the here and now.


Helping Skills are core to our learning as we look to develop these in all of our learners so that they can be effective helpers back in the organisation as we recognise that thinking is at the heart of change. How to support a change in Mindset along with how to Engage everyone around change is at the core.


Our own Get Knowledge methodology is provided to help you build new Habits for tackling change and we show you how to use this effectively back in your business environment by bringing in real problems to be worked on and using these as a base for learning throughout the sessions.


As we recognise change starts with you, we have built our Mindset, Trust and Habits course into this offering. We believe strongly that transformational Leadership requires an understanding of how this works and should be the base for all change professionals.


AND remember….


If you don’t build capability in the people you are relying on for driving service transformation in your organisation, you can’t be surprised if you don’t transform