Improve your Team or Business

Its a FACT that helping people is at the heart of all we do...




Why – What problem is it solving?

If you have a desire to improve your business performance within a department or team then this course is aimed at you.

You may find that people don’t really engage in Continuous improvement because they don’t know how or even know what it is. This course aims to support people in a change of mindset around how they view the work and how they might go about improving it.

How do we do this?

We run the course over 3 days preferably with a gap between each day to enable people to go and explore some of the concepts back in the context of their work. We then look to bring the learning back into the classroom to form the basis for the learning. We front our training with a familiarisation exercise for us to understand your world and design bespoke delivery to fit the context. We back our training up with coaching to ensure we support sustainability and embedded learning for all of those involved. We do all of this in a fun and engaging way!

What the outcomes are?

You will find that your people understand why Continuous Improvement is so important and know how to apply the key concepts back into your workplace. Business improvement around key metrics will be driven by those involved leading to business benefits in around Customer, People and efficiency and effectiveness.


3 day course preferably over 3 separate days – 2 days coaching

Cost of the course

£15k course excl VAT plus launch offer 1/3rd discount

So, ONLY £10k + VAT

No. of participants – up to 15

If you have more than 15 people we can deliver across a number of cohorts at an agreed price. Get in touch to arrange a quote!