Hey, Are you a leader, a change Agent or both???

Do YOU face challenges such as a 'lack of buy in from key people', or have 'uncertainty of what to do next'. These are just a few of the common challenges people face that with the right support YOU can overcome.

We believe in building lasting partnerships with individuals, teams and organisations by engaging and supporting people across multiple platforms, to deliver results!

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It is thinking that drives behaviour & habits.

As Socrates said “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think”. We focus on YOU more than a process!
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A lot of what we do each day is automatic & habitual.

Our focus is working with you to ensure everyone does the right thing even when nobody is looking!
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To effectively change a culture, everyone needs to recognise they need to change their current habits. Developing new leadership habits is key to ensuring successful change!

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Do people always see the same things as you??

Is this a picture of a DUCK or a RABBIT??

One thing about change is that people may often not see the same things, let us work together and help you all see the RUCK and move forward together !! Learn More

It’s our VALUES that make us different !

It is a FACT we are not just ‘another’ consultancy we are an Improvement Partner for Individuals, Teams & Businesses alike, we focus on building peoples capability to deliver improvements in a sustainable way.

We do this by “Enabling people to reach their potential” through our Improvement Training, Coaching & Consulting Services that are tailored to the individual needs of our partners supporting them to reach their desired goal(s).


We are all at work for a lot of time, but nobody says you cant enjoy every minute of what you do!

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We have to be ourselves in all that we do, in order to build trust with others to enable improvements!

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It is all about PEOPLE. Customers, Employees, Friends and Family are all people and thats whats important!

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We need to be Reliable, Credible and build relationships with others to create a trusting environment!

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What Our Improvement Partners Say –

The true measure of our success is the number of people we work with, below are just a few of them and what they got from our partnership.

“I couldn’t have progressed our internal continuous improvement capability without the support of Jason at Get Knowledge.
Their ethos matches our own, in creating capability and reducing the need for external consultants to deliver those things we can do ourselves.

It’s a refreshing stance on consulting. I have come to rely upon their tenacity, imagination and exceptional professionalism, in my role and will continue to engage with Jason and the team both professionally and personally. Their whole approach brings a sense of commitment and creates an environment of openness and trust.”

Kathryn Edwards
Transformation partner @ Yorkshire water

“Working with Get Knowledge has been a really positive experience. My team are a newly formed business unit, looking to embed a new culture of continuous improvement. Because the training had been tailored to our business, we all learned so much that we could apply straight away to our workplace, and identified real quick wins even during the training days! To help us with the embedding this was followed by hands-on coaching / mentoring sessions for us all, in the office environment. We will continue to work with Get Knowledge as we on-board new staff, to ensure that every team member has the same development opportunity and grows the same mind-set of continuous improvement”

Sharon Thackray
Director @ Hallmark cards plc

Our Services

Whether you are a Leader, a Change Agent or consider yourself both, we believe we have a service that can support you. If you have a problem… if noone else can help…. and if you can find them…. maybe you fancy a chat??

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If you want to see our faces up close, we offer classroom courses in all things improvement ! Alternatively if you think the northern accent is not the one for you to listen to then you may prefer an online course, which we can also offer!


Each day you spend at work you have the opportunity to learn from your peers and other colleagues, but what if they can’t offer you what you need?   THIS IS what we do best, we engage, we listen and we support you no matter what the level of the organisation you are, from Exec coaching, 1-2-1 workplace coaching, Online/Telephone coaching, to simply answering your improvement questions via Whatsapp!


If you have a team, department or business that you would like some support with, too many customer complaints? Increasing operating costs? Dissatisfied employees then please get in touch to understand how we can help. 

We enable people to reach their potential..

Team GK

Both Northern, apparently with accents but each coming from a different side of the hills…. and supported by a number of exceptional associates

Jason Elliott


Jason is a firm believer that it’s all about learning and so for the last 18 years he’s been learning about all aspects of improvement of self, other individuals and organisations. Jason has been described as inspiring, fun and infectious in the work that he does with people. It is this approach to improvement that enables Jason to make every engagement a positive one whether that’s in business, mentoring or leading his girls football team.

Lee Houghton


Lee is the self-professed most improved improvement person as he recognises that all change starts with yourself.
He is also the host of the weekly ‘Business Problems Solved’ Podcast which currently has been downloaded in over 90 different countries.

Lee has been described as Fun, Creative and Engaging and this is the approach he brings to individuals, teams and businesses alike to enable them to achieve more.

Over 1000


Trusted in


The odd pint


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