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How do we do it?

Working within the Service sector, primarily within Customer Operation, Shared Service & Change functions we learn together and create Fun, Authentic, Caring & Trusted teams that deliver more with less.

People see a lot of change, BUT not a lot of improvement. That is where we are different, the foundation for all improvement starts with learning and the reason we are called Get Knowledge.

Socrates said, “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think!”, and we know it is time to think differently about HOW we all approach change.

Our Values of FACT (Fun, Authentic, Caring & Trust) are not just how we are, they fundamentally underpin our standards of service.

Our 3 Main Services…


FACT Operation

We enable teams to surface their challenges, create an environment to talk about them and provide the capability to resolve them permanently.

FACT Leader

A coaching centric delivery that encourages empowerment and focus at the right level, we believe in delegation to the lowest capable level not control at the highest level

FACT Organisation

Products, People & Performance change over time. This coaching and strategic development approach challenges your leadership team to continuously develop

What is FACT?


FACT is not just an acronym to describe our values, it is also the principles for HOW we deliver our products and services.

In addition to supporting your business to deliver more with less, we transition change teams from just surviving to thriving!

Many improvement teams are just surviving but have the capability to thrive, we unlock that potential.

Change functions are usually the first to suffer in troubling times, because of their challenge to demonstrate their worth. Additionally, being tool or method focussed is not the most

effective way to gain allies. We believe building confident and influential change leaders is the way to more from just surviving to thriving.


Yorkshire Water

“I couldn’t have progressed our internal continuous improvement capability without the support of Jason at Get Knowledge.

Their ethos matches our own, in creating capability and reducing the need for external consultants to deliver those things we can do ourselves.

It’s a refreshing stance on consulting. I have come to rely upon their tenacity, imagination and exceptional professionalism, in my role and will continue to engage with Jason and the team both professionally and personally. Their whole approach brings a sense of commitment and creates an environment of openness and trust.

– Kathryn Edwards


Some WORDS, a bit of FUN & maybe a new IDEA

If none of the above we may have just wanted to get something off our chest.

Why we should be curious about curiosity

Why we should be curious about curiosity

I’ve just realised how difficult it is to spell, maybe that’s just me. What is Curiosity? Well, if you look up the definition on google, which is the equivalent of getting the oxford dictionary off the shelf these days, there’s a couple of meanings. I’m going to focus...

An introduction to Getting and Deploying Knowledge

An introduction to Getting and Deploying Knowledge

What is “Get Knowledge”, that is a question I am getting more the more that people hear about us.  So, It seemed apt to start with some thoughts on ‘Get Knowledge’ where it came from and a little about what it means. Over the years i’ve been involved with a number of...

What is a transformational leader?

What is a transformational leader?

On setting up Get Knowledge a number of questions were posed about what we are aiming to do, who we will work with etc etc. One of these questions was around our purpose. Now, if you saw my video back in October 2018 when I moved away from employment you’ll know that...

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