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Welcome to Get Knowledge, where training and coaching come together to champion your growth. We’re here to support you in the improvement equation and make a positive difference to you, your teams and your business.

We’re sparking change in organisations across the country

Transforming Organisations One Step at a Time

At Get Knowledge, our expertise lies in supporting leaders within medium to large service organisations, driving meaningful change every step of the way.

Whether you’re an operational leader seeking to enhance customer or cost performance, an HR leader driving behavioral change, or a change leader fostering team success, we’re here to cover your needs.

We Transition Change Teams From Just Surviving to Thriving

Discover the support that helps your improvement teams go beyond survival mode and embrace their full capabilities.

In challenging times, we guide your change functions to demonstrate their true worth by nurturing confident and influential change leaders rather than just focusing on tools and methods.

“We’ve been working with Jason and the Get Knowledge team now for about 12 months and it’s been a brilliant process. Jason is a fantastic coach, he’s super adaptable and can work successfully with a really wide range of people. He’s worked with our leadership teams to embed a Performance Excellence culture, to understand how to identity problems and solve them, how to lead through coaching and most importantly how to develop a sense of team purpose that everyone can buy into. We’ve seen real results off the back of this work from more engaged and happy colleagues to process improvements that have really made a difference to the experience our customers have. Amazing value add from a very human consultant – a rare thing.”

Zoe Burns-Shore
Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

“Get Knowledge are engaging, proactive, targeted and flexible and came along at the right time with some fresh ideas on engagement.”

Andy Withington
Head of North West Service & Delivery

“This is the second time working with Get Knowledge and it won’t be the last. Every stage of the process was tailored to our needs. They work hard to understand the business, the people and our challenges and then uses their skills and experience to bring the Green Belt content to life, so we can easily see how to apply the approaches to our unique circumstances.”

Erica Brown
Head of Environmental Performance

“The Club’s need was for a significant training programme which was delivered to over 170 staff all based in different locations across the country. Jason & Lee travelled across the country to deliver the training in all sorts of locations and were flexible & agile in adapting their approach based on the audience in front of them. Their approach won our staff’s hearts and minds, which was a tough ask at times but they did this effortlessly! Due to the success of this training, it is now being rolled out to a further 310 staff members.”

Sam McBride
Head of Site Operations

Introducing Sustainable Performance Excellence (SPEX)

Any leader can improve towards their big goal by deploying Sustainable Performance Excellence, because it unleashes the power of your people. Regardless of which department you work in, we have an approach for you.

Customer Leaders

If you’ve taken on the challenge of making a significant improvement to a Customer metric, we know how difficult this can be. You’ve probably made changes to technology, to processes, even brought in new layers of management but you’re still not quite where you need to be. We have an approach to tackle the Customer challenge.

Shared Service Leaders

We know it’s a constant challenge to meet the ever-increasing demands of your Customers, no sooner have we nailed performance than a request to do it twice as fast comes along and it feels like you’re back at square one. You’ve even started automating activities, but you still need more. We have an approach that means you don’t have to sacrifice people or customers for costs.

People Leaders

It’s often the case that when a large organisation embarks on a culture change that the requirement to land this often gets passed to you, the HR leader. But this is a huge task which cannot be understated, we can see how exciting and also how daunting this can be. We have an approach that helps you land the desired culture at the coal face.

Improvement Leaders

When you’re the leader of an improvement team this can be one of the hardest roles in the 21st century business environment. We know first-hand how difficult this can be. You’re constantly required to prove the value of the team and often in terms of estimated benefit numbers. We have an approach that helps move your change team from surviving to thriving.

We deliver Mindset, KATA and Lean Six Sigma Training.

We also deliver our classic improvement training courses virtualaly, face-to-face or hybrid. During the pandemic, we’ve learned how to deliver our courses in a virtual environment with the same great results.

MYTH (Mindset)

A 3 part facilitated team course enabling newly formed teams or those going through or embarking on change to understand the key factors in them becoming a high performing team.


A 10-week facilitated course focussed on helping people to form new thinking around an improvement habit backed up with a specific coaching habit that fits hand in hand to enable the continual learning beyond the course

Yellow Belt for Service

A 2 day course facilitated across 2 weeks, focussed on helping people to learn about team based problem solving by working through a real team level problem.

Green Belt for Service

A 5 day course facilitated across 5 weeks, focussed on helping people to learn about problem solving by working through a real business problem.

Black Belt for Service

A 10 day course facilitated across 10 weeks, focussed on helping people to learn about how to deliver a complex (cross functional, multi stakeholder) improvement project within an organisation.

Accessible Online Training for Maximum Benefits

Our online training courses have been designed to guarantee effectiveness, providing maximum benefits for participants. 

With a focus on accessibility, they are tailored to accommodate learners of all backgrounds and skill levels.

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