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Hey there Customer Leaders!

If you’ve taken on the challenge of making a significant improvement to a Customer metric, we know how difficult this can be. You’ve probably made changes to technology, to processes, even brought in new layers of management but you’re still not quite where you need to be.

Failure is not an option

Failure is not an option as that may see regulatory involvement and possibly even financial penalties. You need to decide on action sooner rather than later as every day counts towards the Customer performance. It feels like you’re missing something but can’t quite put your finger on it. We’ve felt that too.

We know how you feel, we have been there and helped many overcome similar challenges by developing the capability of everyone to solve problems and lead in really demanding operations.

We can help

For nearly 20 years we have been working on improving teams, processes, organisations. We’ve worked on hundreds of projects but honestly, until the last few years we’d been going about it in, let’s just say, not the BEST way. As a paid consultant, problem solver, Improvement person, whatever you want to call what we do we were always the ones solving the problems and giving all the answers. Then we got brave, started asking more questions instead of answering them, we started with coaching. That’s what’s allowed us to add the word SUSTAINABLE to our PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE equation. It’s one of our, not so secret ingredients.

Get Knowledge are honest, open, authentic, true, tough on the issues and fair with the people, kind, fun, provide the right balance of support and challenge, experienced, keen to continue with their own learning and development, never afraid to ask the challenging questions, engaging and just brilliant to work with…. some of the reasons I chose them to support PEx delivery.

I would use them again…quite simply because I trust them.

Michele Robinson

Head of Operational Customer Experience, Yorkshire Water

How we deliver Sustainable Performance Excellence

A 4 phase coaching approach enabling operational business leaders and their teams to improve their Customer performance whilst also improving both People and Productivity metrics.



An initial 2-way knowledge gathering exercise to build understanding to ensure the engagement is set up for success.



5 step approach to help your team find their ‘Why’ to create the desire for the journey.


11 defined elements introduced to your team/business to enable the required habits/behaviours all aligned to your Customer strategy to ensure maximum impact. ​



Our specific Improvement and Coaching approach taught to the management team to ensure continuous improvement long after we’ve left.

So, if you want short term impacts to your Customer metrics, the same approaches giving the same kind of results, don’t choose our SPEx programmes. However, if you want to get moving on a journey that will feel different, will challenge your status quo, will create leaders where managers once stood and will engage your people to deliver time and time again for your Customers, then you’ve come to the right place.

Other ways we can help


A 4 phase coaching approach enabling operational business leaders and their teams to improve their Customer performance whilst also improving both People and Productivity metrics.


A strategic approach to the implementation of SPEx across an organisation. It enables a clear plan to be formed to take defined organisational values and behaviours and deliver them at team level through a coaching approach.

Improvement Function

The coaching of an improvement team in the delivery of a 4-phase coaching approach enabling operational business leaders and their teams to improve their productivity whilst also improving both Customer and People metrics.

Customer Journey

The transformation of a customer journey by an internal team through coaching in the delivery of a Getting and Deploying knowledge methodology to enable breakthrough improvements in Customer, People and Cost metrics


A 6 step framework to enable you and your team/business to create an engaging vision that depicts where you are, where you are heading and how you will get there TOGETHER

We also deliver our classic improvement training courses including Mindset, Kata and Lean Six Sigma training


It doesn't matter. During the pandemic we've learned how to deliver our courses in a virtual environment with the same great results

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