Dispelling the MYTH

This is a 1 day Face to Face course like NO OTHER!

(which will also be available online in the coming months.)

The course covers 4 areas Mindset, You, Trust and Habits, to challenge your current thinking and ultimately get you to understand how you can overcome yours or others resistance to change.

Why is this important?

How we each deal with Change is unique. Every person is different and without recognising you might actually have to change personally, you are likely to affect your likelihood of success !!

How is this delivered?

We will take you on an emotional rollercoaster which will cover 4 separate topics, these are:

Mindset - Using our House analogy we will understand the brain a little bit more and how what you think influences how you behave.

You - Change is unique and there are 4 typical stages that you have to travel to move forward

Trust - Is often overlooked when in fact it is the biggest challenge you must overcome in business, teams and personally to make change last

Habits - It is often said that if you do the same thing you will get the same result, BUT how do you develop new habits to succeed?



Without understanding the lessons that we travel in this course you are likely to maintain your current performance, and also make it more difficult to enable successful and sustainable change to stick.


Would you like to understand more?

If this course is of interest or you want any more information please contact: