Improve Yourself

Its a FACT that helping people is at the heart of all we do...



WhyWhat problem is it solving?

Do you understand how to improve a business situation?

Do you have a business problem that keeps coming back?

Are you tasked with improving performance but find it a struggle?


Do you want to learn a new skill or looking to improve your ability to move into a new career space

If this is you this course can help.

The course aims to support you in understand continuous improvement methods and how to apply them back in the context of your world. It aims to support you in a change of mindset around how you view the work and how you might go helping others to see things in a similar way.

How do we do this?

We run the course over 3 days. We look to bring as much of your current world into the room and share with others so we can all learn about Continuous Improvement in different contexts.

We front our training with a familiarisation exercise for us to understand your world, which will be an upfront conversation, we then use this to design bespoke delivery.

We back our training up with coaching to ensure we support sustainability and embedded learning for you when you’re back in the workplace.

We do all of this in a fun and engaging way!

What the outcomes are?

You will find that you build a greater understanding of why Continuous Improvement is so important and develop the skills to enable you to apply the key concepts back into your workplace. You will be able to solve the problem you so wanted to get at all this time and be able to improve the business performance around those key metrics you’re always looking at for your Customers, People, efficiency and effectiveness.


We always like you to drop us an email for the next course dates so we can see if this is right for you or to let us know when and where you would like us to run one


3 days course + remote coaching support

Cost of the course 

£1,500 excl VAT,  Launch offer of 1/3rd discount SO ONLY £1,000 +VAT