Do you personalise your Customers Elfperience? … (or Experience)

We are into December which means 1 thing!

You are running out of ideas for those mischievous Elves of yours!

We love this in our house, thinking each day…

  • What would make the kids smile
  • What do they like
  • What will they be excited to tell their friends at school about

AND, if you think about it this should be no different in business, BUT how much time do you spend on, Understanding:

  • What makes your customers, clients and employees HAPPY
  • What is it that they like?
  • What would they be excited to tell their friends about?

If people enjoy what you do they are more likely to share it!

Ok, no more waiting, here goes, Here is 10 of our favourite ELF Antics for you to use! and in no particular order!


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