What is “Get Knowledge”, that is a question I am getting more the more that people hear about us. 

So, It seemed apt to start with some thoughts on ‘Get Knowledge’ where it came from and a little about what it means.

Over the years i’ve been involved with a number of businesses and individuals in the change and improvement space. I’ve been part of Lean implementations, Six Sigma programmes, IT change programmes. 

I’ve seen a lot of change activity, some that has worked and some that has not gone according to plan!

Where did Get Knowledge come from?

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to meet and work with Andrew Mclean on a few projects which really started to help crystalise the whole concept of improvement right down to the foundations. So much so that one day Andrew was asked to write something down by a team member and as we wrote this down the words getting and deploying knowledge were coined.

We initially thought about this as a method for improving the work and we developed as we practiced it.

We wanted it to be:

  • easily accessible for all and not highly technical in nature
  • flexible enough to leverage all of the great methods, ways of thinking and techniques that are already out there and not constrain away from any
  • open to change in itself
  • available to both individuals and organisations as a way of improving both self and a business environment
  • about bringing people together and engaging
  • aimed at doing the right thing righter (and not the wrong thing righter)
  • the ‘How’ for delivering engaging sustainable change

So what is Getting and Deploying Knowledge?

It’s important to say that the aim is to get and deploy knowledge together in partnership. Here’s a brief overview.

Getting Knowledge

This is the idea that before you ‘do’ you need to understand ‘what to do’. We’re not just talking about doing analysis here although that may help in some scenario’s. We are talking about ways of framing a situation. Understanding the world through different eyes. Challenging views of Purpose, Customer and the measures that drive us. Developing knowledge from differing angles to enable understanding of the problem to be solved. Learning to do this but importantly learning how to help others. A nicely process map is seldom the way we will reach understanding.

Every time I’m in this mode I’m learning to. This is an approach grounded in principle and less about sequenced activity. This is an approach for learners.

Deploying Knowledge

This is the idea of moving into the act of changing something based on new found understanding and view of the world. We developed a set of principles to do this by which have been learned over the years as what works and doesn’t when you’re at this stage. Again, its about doing this with the people in the work or activity in an Agile way (yes I said the ‘A’ word).

Over the weeks I’ll start to open these up a little more and explore some of the principles, concepts, thinking that we’ve so far built in. In the meantime, feel free to drop me a message to discuss further