2 new GKers join the team!

This week we started a new journey with 2 new GKers joining the team.

As part of the Governments Kickstart scheme aimed at helping young people build skills and gain employment, we managed to bring in 2 individuals with so much potential with a view to supporting their development.

We are really excited to have them here and to be part of their journey.

Summer Wall has come onboard with a focus on supporting our ever growing Water Strategy aimed at supporting he Water sector with its big challenges.

Phil Butler has arrived to increase our social media presence across the board, with a focus on videography.

We are all about TEAM and so this first week we’ve spent building understanding of each other, our shared vision and goals, our high performing team environment and the ways in which we are going to measure our success.

In the same way we help businesses to develop high performing teams we apply our own thinking and learning to ourselves.


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