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At “Get Knowledge” we have one clear mission ‘to help Leaders learn to change in ways that support more Fun and Caring environments, where people can be themselves, be happier at work, where Trust is part of the fabric’

We champion PEOPLE in the improvement equation.

Over the years we’ve been involved with a number of businesses and individuals in the change and improvement space. We’ve been part of Lean implementations, Six Sigma programmes, IT change programmes across a number of different sectors. Often, PEOPLE are forgotten due to a focus on technical methods and skills.

We’re not saying these technical elements aren’t important but we believe that PEOPLE are your greatest asset and that’s why our HOW is focussed around PEOPLE, leadership, environments and learning to “Get Knowledge”.

Our values • FACT

We are all at work for a lot of time, but nobody says you cant enjoy every minute of what you do!

We have to be ourselves in all that we do, in order to build trust with others to enable improvements!

It is all about PEOPLE. Customers, Employees, Friends and Family are all people and thats whats important!

We need to be Reliable, Credible and build relationships with others to create a trusting environment!

Meet the team

Lee Houghton

Lee Houghton

Lee is the father of two amazing children. He is a business improvement coach who prides himself on helping people and teams make today better than yesterday, a lot of people can say these things about themselves though. So what makes Lee different is his random journey to get to where he has with, one pivotal moment in losing his best mate ‘Chris’ after his brave cancer battle that changed Lee’s life forever.

Lee’s random journey has included writing 5 children books, owning a bouncy castle business AND DJ, including 18 months Dj’ing dressed as a monkey…. all these things have shaped his career from data input administrator to co-founding Get Knowledge in 2018.

BUT, as a shiny object syndrome sufferer, it was losing Chris that has sharpened his focus and desire to help people confidently deliver change.

Jason Elliott

Jason Elliott

Jason is a father, mountaineer, girls football coach and co-founder of Get Knowledge. Jason helps business leaders and managers with all things improvement, with a slant towards organisations with a key role to play in our future world.

After 18 years working using a variety of improvement methods and leading a bunch of improvement and operational teams, Jason decided to stop ‘consulting’ and now looks to focus on helping people to think differently about solving their own challenges by taking a more coaching led approach.

This led to the emergence of our Sustainable Performance Excellence practice which Jason heads up.

Pascal Dolan

Pascal Dolan

Pascal started his lean journey in 1991 working for a first tier supplier into Nissan. Pascal applied this learning to the site operations, moving it from a batch production site, to customer focused business units. From there he moved into consultancy, working in the automotive and pharmaceutical sectors.

Joining Unipart in 2006, Pascal was engaged in a large government programme before working in health and utilities. Most recently Pascal has been working in the steel industry in Wales and continues to coach previous clients.

‘ I strongly believe that the empowerment of individuals within a framework of continuous improvement, combined with effective leadership, can transform any business’.


Pippa Vernon-Fulbrook

Pippa Vernon-Fulbrook

Pippa has been involved in Lean and Operational Excellence since 2008, starting out as an internal consultant & then progressing to an external consultant and more recently as an associate.

Through the last 12 years , Pippa has worked in multiple sectors from Financial Services & Utilities, to manufacturing. Pippa’s approach is based on working alongside teams at all levels to utilise the tools and techniques that will solve business problems, focusing the positive habit building that enables new ways of working to be sustainable.

Phil Butler

Phil Butler

Media production is Phil’s passion, especially video editing, he’s also well taught in social media management. He’s here to create a new wave of video and social media production for Get Knowledge.

Phil is a black belt in karate, he’s a lethal weapon who looks to destroy negativity in the work place.

When he’s not at Get Knowledge he can be found writing screenplays and filming on various locations.

Summer Wall

Summer Wall

Summer is a young woman who is keen to progress her marketing career here at Get Knowledge.

She brings a range of skills, is an avid user of social media, is very up to date with current trends and keeping up with analytics. A key skill and passion lies in her ability to create imagery and produce beautiful photography.

A key focus for Summer is the delivery of Get Knowledge’s Water Strategy and supporting the sector in achieving its goals. When she isn’t ‘Getting Knowledge’ Summer enjoys walking, dancing and travelling.

Partner with us

We are huge advocates of building Trusting relationships and making good friends. This means we are always open to chat with other businesses about potential partnerships that ultimately benefit everyone.

We know that bringing more Fun, Authenticity, Caring and Trust to the business world at scale is not something we can achieve alone and so if you feel that our mission and values resonate with you, get in touch, we would love to talk

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