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What is “Get Knowledge”, that is a question we are getting more, the more that people hear about us.

So, it seems apt to start with some thoughts on ‘Get Knowledge’.  Where it came from and a little about what it means.

Over the years we’ve been involved with a number of businesses and individuals in the change and improvement space. We’ve been part of Lean implementations, Six Sigma programmes, IT change programmes across a number of different sectors.

It’s fair to say that we’ve seen a lot of change activity, some that has worked and some that has not gone according to plan, BUT, what we do know is the ones with the greatest chance of success are those that start with learning, hence ‘Get Knowledge’.

Jason and Lee

Who are we?

Jason & Lee have over 30 years combined experience of coaching, consulting, mentoring, teaching and leading change in a variety of different sectors such as utilities, service, public, logistics, banking and telecommunications. In 2018 they founded Get Knowledge founded around a clear infinite PURPOSE of creating a FACT based world.

Lee Houghton Get Knowledge


Lee is a multi sector leadership and Change Team coach who is a Business Improvement specialist with over 15 years experience developing and coaching to all levels and sizes of organisations and teams. This has led to him co-founding Get Knowledge to develop teams and businesses in the creation of FACT Environments.

Lee hosts the weekly ‘Business Problems Solved’ Podcast for Change professionals and Business Leaders.

Lee has been described as fun, creative and engaging when supporting Change Teams & People to continuously improve what they do.  

Lees people centric approach challenges current thinking and traditional improvement norms which supports him to develop anyone further.

Lees natural coaching style is best received face to face but to support his desire to create a FACT based world there are a number of additional ways to learn more and share ideas together.

Jason Elliott Get Knowledge

Jason Elliott

Jason has over 15 years experience of coaching, consulting, mentoring, teaching and leading change in a variety of different sectors such as utilities, service, banking and telecommunications. After finding a true purpose, in 2018, Jason became co-founder of Get Knowledge which supports his vision of creating a FACT based world.

Working with Jason has been described as inspiring, empowering, transformational and fun when supporting Leaders and their teams to re-connect with their WHY, re-invent their HOW, and re-define WHAT they do.

Jason’s approach challenges current thinking and traditional improvement methods with the aim of learning YOUR improvement way. Jason’s coaching style focusses on building capability within teams to enable real sustainable change, delivered through people.

Helping Leaders learn to change in ways that support more Fun and Caring environments, where people can be themselves, be happier at work, where Trust is part of the fabric is Jason’s passion. This is what FACT is all about

Our values • FACT

We are all at work for a lot of time, but nobody says you cant enjoy every minute of what you do!

We have to be ourselves in all that we do, in order to build trust with others to enable improvements!

It is all about PEOPLE. Customers, Employees, Friends and Family are all people and thats whats important!

We need to be Reliable, Credible and build relationships with others to create a trusting environment!

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