Our classic improvement training courses including Mindset, Kata and Lean Six Sigma training


It doesn’t matter. During the pandemic we’ve learned how to deliver our courses in a virtual environment with the same great results

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MYTH (Mindset)

A 3 part facilitated team course enabling newly formed teams or those going through or embarking on change to understand the key factors in them becoming a high performing team


A 10-week facilitated course focussed on helping people to form new thinking around an improvement habit backed up with a specific coaching habit that fits hand in hand to enable the continual learning beyond the course

YELLOW belt for service

A 2 day course facilitated across 2 weeks, focussed on helping people to learn about team based problem solving by working through a real team level problem

GREEN belt for service

A 5 day course facilitated across 5 weeks, focussed on helping people to learn about problem solving by working through a real business problem

BLACK belt for service

A 10 day course facilitated across 10weeks,  focussed on helping people to learn about how to deliver a complex (cross functional, multi stakeholder) improvement project within an organisation


Some WORDS, a bit of FUN & maybe a new IDEA

If none of the above we may have just wanted to get something off our chest.

Creating A VISION…

You have probably heard the story from 1962 when a cleaner at NASA told President Kennedy that their role was to help put man on the moon... What a great way to demonstrate the power of having a vision, in which every layer of a organisation supports. This brings...

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FIVE reasons why you should think of a VISION for your team!

If you’re a leader this concept will not be a new one. You may be working towards one that has been laid down by management. Let’s be clear what we mean about vision. A vision could be pulled together by the CEO and senior team with board level input. This will then...

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Get Knowledge Grow With Two New Local Recruits

Get Knowledge have some exciting news with two 3rd year marketing students from the University of Huddersfield joining the team at the start of 2021. This is a huge step for Get Knowledge in their long-term goals and further demonstrates their support and belief of...

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