Sustainable Performance Excellence (SPEx)


Regardless of which department you work in we have an approach for you

Customer Leaders

If you’ve taken on the challenge of making a significant improvement to a Customer metric, we know how difficult this can be. You’ve probably made changes to technology, to processes, even brought in new layers of management but you’re still not quite where you need to be. We have an approach to tackle the Customer challenge.

Shared Service Leaders

We know it’s a constant challenge to meet the ever-increasing demands of your Customers, no sooner have we nailed performance than a request to do it twice as fast comes along and it feels like you’re back at square one. You’ve even started automating activities, but you still need more. We have an approach that means you don’t have to sacrifice people or customers for costs.

People Leaders

It’s often the case that when a large organisation embarks on a culture change that the requirement to land this often gets passed to you, the HR leader. But this is a huge task which cannot be understated, we can see how exciting and also how daunting this can be. We have an approach that helps you land the desired culture at the coal face.

Improvement Leaders

When you’re the leader of an improvement team this can be one of the hardest roles in the 21st century business environment. We know first-hand how difficult this can be. You’re constantly required to prove the value of the team and often in terms of estimated benefit numbers. We have an approach that helps move your change team from surviving to thriving.


Yorkshire Water

“I couldn’t have progressed our internal continuous improvement capability without the support of Jason at Get Knowledge.

Their ethos matches our own, in creating capability and reducing the need for external consultants to deliver those things we can do ourselves.

It’s a refreshing stance on consulting. I have come to rely upon their tenacity, imagination and exceptional professionalism, in my role and will continue to engage with Jason and the team both professionally and personally. Their whole approach brings a sense of commitment and creates an environment of openness and trust.

– Kathryn Edwards

We also deliver our classic improvement training courses including Mindset, Kata and Lean Six Sigma training


It doesn’t matter. During the pandemic we’ve learned how to deliver our courses in a virtual environment with the same great results

Get Knowledge CPD Member Certification

MYTH (Mindset)

A 3 part facilitated team course enabling newly formed teams or those going through or embarking on change to understand the key factors in them becoming a high performing team


A 10-week facilitated course focussed on helping people to form new thinking around an improvement habit backed up with a specific coaching habit that fits hand in hand to enable the continual learning beyond the course

YELLOW belt for service

A 2 day course facilitated across 2 weeks, focussed on helping people to learn about team based problem solving by working through a real team level problem

GREEN belt for service

A 5 day course facilitated across 5 weeks, focussed on helping people to learn about problem solving by working through a real business problem

BLACK belt for service

A 10 day course facilitated across 10weeks,  focussed on helping people to learn about how to deliver a complex (cross functional, multi stakeholder) improvement project within an organisation


Some WORDS, a bit of FUN & maybe a new IDEA

If none of the above we may have just wanted to get something off our chest.

Are you DAVE, or, Do you know where DAVE is?

Are you DAVE, or, Do you know where DAVE is?

A few years ago in the workplace of Dave‘Do you know who Dave is?’ – I said The reply ‘Who’s Dave?’  That was part of my conversation a few years ago during my time as a management consultant. I was working with a business to help them identify areas for improvement....

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Customer Experience lessons from the dance floor…

Customer Experience lessons from the dance floor…

Pre-COVID; Predictable and planned are two words that could be used to describe your customer demand. And now, those probably are not the first two words that spring to mind during so much change and uncertainty.  I was a DJ 15 years ago. Each Friday night, the...

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Creating a VISION

Creating a VISION

You have probably heard the story from 1962 when a cleaner at NASA told President Kennedy that their role was to help put man on the moon… How JFK & a Janitor put man on the moon - YouTube What a great way to demonstrate the power of having a vision, in which...

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